1" Saddle Tee

1.12 LBS

Product Overview

The Skinner-Seal Saddle Tee is particularly recommended for installing garden gas lights, gas grills, automatic home laundries, and other appliances. It takes the place of a tee, union, and nipple in one fixture. No pipe cutting or threading is necessary. The "cutting in" of ordinary tees is sometimes extremely difficult. With the Skinner-Seal Saddle Tee, the job becomes fast and simple- installation costs are substantially reduced.

Use of our Saddle Tee frequently saves installing a long run of pipe or tubing as connections to the pipe can often be made closer to the appliance.

The Saddle Tee is made of ductile iron with a Buna-N gasket. * The single heavy steel bolt is plated.

Bolt torque 60 ft/ lb and a maximum working pressure of 200 psi

*Some Saddle Tees assembled before Jan. 1, 2003, may have other gasket material.