Bell Joint Leak Clamp

Skinner Bell Joint Leak Clamps provide an easy and economical way of repairing leaking bell joints on PVC or iron pipe without recalking or cutting out the joint.

Skinner Bell Joint Leak Clamps are easy to install.  The clamp for cast iron pipe features an adjustable Buna-N gasket, field adaptable to fit either the older style pit cast or ductile iron pipe.  This versatile gasket contains a removeable "keyed" insert that eliminates cutting or gluing to fit the ductile iron pipe.


Body:             Ductile Iron ASTM A536

Gasket:           Buna-N Rubber Per ASTM D2000

Bolts & Nuts: Low Alloy ASTM A242 and AWWA C111

Max Temp:    250°F

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