PVC Coupling

Skinner PVC Coupling Leak Clamps

Model SCLC - For PVC Pipe Joined with Schedule 40 Solvent Weld Coupling

Leaking solvent weld joints on PVC pipe can be repaired by shutting down the water main and splicing in a new piece of pipe.  This is time consuming, expensive, and requires making additional joints in your water system. Eliminate these problems by using the Skinner Coupling Leak Clamp to repair leaking solvent welds on PVC pipe.

The Skinner Model SCLC Clamp features 2 bolts and a step gasket with a butt sealing design that stops the leak between the coupling and the PVC pipe.


Band:              5 inch wide 18-8 Type 304 Stainless Steel

Lugs:               Ductile Iron Per ASTM A536

Gasket:            Buna-N Rubber

Max Temp:       250°F

Bolts & Nuts:    High Strength, Low Allow Per ASTM A242

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