6" Pipeline Clamp

31.50 LBS
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Product Overview

There is nothing like the Skinner-Seal Pipeline Clamp for long splits or extensive corrosion resulting in a series of pit holes. It has the same construction as the Emergency Pipe Clamp except it is double in length. The ample weight of this clamp gives a generous margin of safety for high pressure work.
With bolts along one side and a hinge along the other, it can be quickly installed under pressure without interruption of service.
The Pipeline Clamp is made of ductile iron, and equipped with a crescent-shaped pressure equalizing gasket for each individual pipe size which is cemented into place.
The gasket is Buna-N.
This clamp has 60 ft/lb torque and 300 psi working pressure. It can withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.
Length - 14"
Width - 8 1/2"
Bolt Diameter - 5/8"
Bolt Length - 5"
Number of Bolts - 4