Pipe Joint

Quickly installed under pressure, the Skinner-SEAL Pipe Joint Clamp with withstand high pressures without interruption of service. It saves the cost of tearing out and replacing leaky fittings. It is a positive repair not hindered by vibration of expansion.

For over 80 years, the pipe joint clamp has been in use on piping for gas, oil, gasoline. Water, ammonia, and brine leaks

The sliding push ring in the clamp transmits the pressure of the thrust screws to the gasket. The gasket, which is completely confined and guided by the lip on the face of the container ring, is forced directly into the threads, stopping the leak at its source. Gasket material is Neoprene.

Pipe Joint Clamp Components

BODY                       Ductile Iron Castings ASTM 395-80 536-94
GASKET                   Neoprene Grade K2242 ASTM D2000/ SAE J200
                                 Durometer 45 +/- 5 Tensile 1200 Elongation 300%
TEMP                      -40º F to 250º F Temperature range
HARDWARE             SAE Grade 5, Zinc Plated C-1541 Steel
E COATING             JDM F11T3 18 Mill Thickness
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