PS Wide Style

PS Wide Style

Pressed Steel Clamp

The Pressed Steel Economy Clamp is used for repairing badly pitted and corroded pipe lines at minimum cost.

This is not a thin spring-steel band with attached lugs. It is a 3/16" thick steel plate with inseparable "wedge-shaped" lugs pressed out of the material itself. This special construction prevents any give or collapse of the lug so that the full amount of take-up pressure applied by the bolts is transmitted directly to the gasket over the leak. While the clamp is heavy enough to outlast the pipe, it is still sufficiently flexible to conform to the pipe surface.

The Pressed Steel Economy Clamp is available in two widths:

  • Wide: 8" wide for running corrosion spots, complete with a crescent shaped, pressure equalizing gasket of Skinner Special Composition for use on oil or gas lines.

Large 5/8" diameter steel bolts, plated and iridite-dipped are furnished with all clamps.

Note:   Wide type in sizes 3" through 6" comes with strip gasket #080857.  Wide type in sizes 8" and up come with strip gasket #087002.  5/8" x 5" bolts and nuts are standard on above clamps.

Strip gaskets are Buna-N compound. Temperature Rating 250F degrees.

Pressed Steel Clamp Components

Body:  C-1008 HR Pickled

Gasket:  Buna-N Material NBR ASTM D 2000 (Durometer 50 +/- 5) (Temperature Range -40F to 250F Degrees)

E Coating:  JDM F11T3 18 Mill Thickness

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