Service Saddle

The Skinner-SEAL service saddle is made of ductile iron with plated steel bolt and nut. Skinner’s specially compounded Buna-N gasket is placed in a recess to prevent blowing out under high pressure.

  • For gas, oil & water connections
  • Ductile iron construction, massive bolt
  • Easily accessible nut
  • Uniform bearing around pipe eliminated “crushing” pipe
  • Gasket recessed - cannot blow out under high pressure.
Service Saddle Clamp Components:
BODY                       Ductile Iron Castings ASTM 395-80 536-94
GASKET                   Neoprene Grade K2242 ASTM D2000/ SAE J200
                                 Durometer 45 +/- 5 Tensile 1200 Elongation 300%
TEMP                       -40º F to 250º F Temperature range
HARDWARE             SAE Grade 5, Zinc Plated C-1541 Steel
E COATING             JDM F11T3 18 Mill Thickness
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