Emergency Pipe Clamp

The Emergency Pipe Clamp is used for repairing pit holes, splits and corrosion leaks in both steel and cast iron pipe lines. The clamp is totally effective under extreme pressure or temperature. For over 100 years, the Emergency Pipe Clamp has been the universal repair clamp worldwide.
The clamp can be used on pipes for gas, water, oil, or ammonia. The repair lasts for years.
The Emergency Pipe Clamp offers triple savings. These savings include: the cost of new pipe, the time and labor of replacing old pipe, and the expense of shutting down while the work is being done. This can amount to thousands of dollars.
Installation of the Emergency Pipe Clamp is easy. Because of the long open hinge, the two halves of the clamp slide together along the pipe when conditions are crowded. The clamp is usually put on under pressure, without interruption of service. The gasket is cemented into a slight recess in the bottom half side so that the clamp can be installed easily under the most awkward conditions. The Emergency Pipe Clamp is made of ductile iron, strongly proportioned, and fitted with sturdy, electroplated Grade 5 steel bolts. All clamps are E-coated to resist rust. Gaskets are Buna-N.

It can withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

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